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What's Happening at Messiah Baptist?

At Messiah Baptist Church there is always something happening. We have events for the entire family to enjoy. You will feel refreshed by the positive fellowship, and never regret a moment. We have an array of activities for adults, teens and children. Come back to see what is happening next at Messiah Baptist.

Upcoming Events: 

September 20th
We are partnering with Westminster Arms to provide a Concealed Handgun Permit certification class on September 20, 2014 from 8AM - 4:30PM. The Class is $100.00 and educators, first responders, and Pastors get BOGO. Call Westminster Arms to register at (303)420-0871.
If you are looking for the NRA Basic Pistol Class, the NRA REQUIRES that the class is universal wherever you take it. IE: whether you take it in Ohio, Florida, Texas, it will be the same class. The difference is what else is added to the class by the facilitator. Westminster Arms' class is taught by SGT Robert D Smith USMC Ret. Robert has REAL WORLD experience in Iraq (5 tours), Afghanistan (2 tours), and spent the last five years in the Corps as an instructor on 29 Palrms USMC Marksmanship School. The last year there, he was the Chief Instructor for USMC Marksmanship School on Twenty Nine Palms. Robert is passionate about getting folks properly trained. In spite of his stellar background, Robert doesn't employ the "jack boot" mentality that is pervasive in a lot of classes.Whether you take the NRA BASIC classes with us, or someone else, We require everyone that is going to take our advanced courses, to take the NRA Basic courses first. Robert will stay after the class at the range, and work with you individually for no additional charge. We also offer private instruction, Combat Pistol, CQB Carbine, and Unknown Distance in our training regimen. For those of you that want to learn "Shooting Beyond the Bench", you won't find a better instructor. I know that you probably think that I am biased, and I am. I am blessed to have his knowledge skills and attitude at WESTMINSTER ARMS. Call Westminster Arms today at (303)420-0871 and get your training scheduled. 

(Please feel free to contact the church office if you have any questions.)

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