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Marriage is more than a science; it’s an art. And like any art form it requires an investment of time, focused study, and the right tools. If you need to soften some of the edges in your relationship, or want to brighten the landscape of your marriage, The Art of Marriage is for you. This 6-session marriage event allows you to experience God’s design for marriage from expert teachers and humorous vignettes. You’ll graduate in a few hours better educated about your marriage, your spouse and yourself. Block out time in your schedule to attend The Art of Marriage. 

Please take a moment to look over the testimonies and the "Questions and Answers" lower on this page.

For your convenience, you may register online through the form below or mail it in to us with your payment.


Details and Registration:


Messiah Baptist Church
3241 West 44th Ave
Denver, CO 80211

Date & Times:

Sept 11th (Friday)
5:30 P.M. - Doors Open (refershment served)
6:00 P.M. - Seminar Begins
Sept 12th (Saturday)
8:00 A.M - Doors Open / Light refreshment
8:30 A.M - Seminar resumes
12:00 P.M. - Catered Lunch served
6:00 P.M. - Seminar ends

Cost: (includes registration, workbooks, and meals)

Couples - $100.00
Singles - $50.00
For more information, please contact the church office at 303-455-6120 or email us at You may also visit our FaceBook Event Page.

    NOTE!!! Registration is not complete until payment is received. You may use the "Donate" Page to complete this process. Please specify it for the Marriage Seminar.



    The Art of Marriage has transformed the lives and marriages of countless people. Here are just a few.

    (Note: For privacy reasons the names of the following individuals are kept confidential)

    A Memorable Weekend

    “This was the greatest two days with my husband! It definitely lasts more than two days. It lasts a lifetime if you use what you learn!” –participant

    Best Marriage Resource

    “It’s THE best marriage material I have ever seen!” –pastor

    20 Years of Struggling Has Ended

    “We just had our first The Art of Marriage event and it was excellent! A couple who had struggled most of their 20-year marriage has actually decided to re-tie the knot! The Holy Spirit really had an awesome effect on their lives this weekend.” –event host

    The Start of a New Life

    “This will be the beginning of a new life again.” –participant

    Deeper Love for God and One Another

    “We are humbled, overjoyed, expectant, and changed people as a result of The Art of Marriage. . . . I know my wife and I are still living out our new understandings and new commitments to each other that show even more depth of love for our Lord and for each other in our own marriage.” –pastor, about the impact on his own marriage —pastor, about the impact on his own marriage

    A Regular Event

    “The Art of Marriage should be on every church’s calendar on a regular rotation. A Godly marriage adds stability to our homes, our neighborhood, our state, and our country.” –pastor

    We Learn Something New Every Time

    “We discover something new every time we go through it. We’ve done The Art of Marriage three times now.” –participant

    We both knew it was over. We were wrong.

    “I was physically, mentally and emotionally done! We have been separated already and headed for divorce. I now know there is a reason and purpose and this conference showed me how much I do love him and that anything is possible with God! I leave knowing that we will make it!” —participant

    A Make or Break Weekend

    “Prior to this weekend, we were really struggling. After 25 years of marriage, we were at breaking point. A week ago, this course seemed like a “make it or break it weekend.” It has been invaluable. We have recommitted to our marriage and divorce is no longer an option!” —participant

    A New Outlook

    “It made us re-look at what made us a couple. It brought us closer to God through more active prayer. We spoke and listened more honestly. I saw the confidence back in my husband’s eyes.” —participant

    Lines of Communication Reopened

    “Communication lines that were blocked have been reopened and we reached a dept of unity that hasn’t been possible in years. I feel we are on the same page for deeper intimacy and understanding. After 25 years of marriage, God has moved us to a new starting point of loving and cherishing each other.” —participant

    A New Pursuit

    “It has rekindled my relentless pursuit of my wife’s heart.” —participant


    Questions And Answers:

    Q: Why choose FamilyLife’s The Art of Marriage over another video marriage conference?
    A: Rather than simply filming a live event at a location such as a hotel ballroom or church, we specifically designed this event to work in a video setting. FamilyLife weaved together expert teaching, engaging stories, real-life testimonies, and humorous vignettes in a video composition to help couples fully experience God’s design for marriage.

    Q: Can we bring children?
    A: We cares deeply about children. However, to keep the event free of distractions, and as a courtesy to other participants, children (including infants) are not allowed at this event.

    Q: Will I have to engage in group discussion?
    A: FamilyLife has not designed the event with any planned group discussions. However, each local event coordinator has the freedom to structure the event to meet the needs of his or her group. If you have concerns about group discussion, check with your local host before attending the event. We will however, have several live sessions not included in the regular video portion of this seminar.

    Q: Will I be required to participate in the projects with my spouse?
    A: This event was designed so that the projects are an essential part of the event experience. The projects allow you to immediately apply what you’ve learned from the videos to your marriage. We highly recommend that you make the completion of the projects a priority during the event. We’ve received many comments from other attendees who say the projects were the best part of the event.

    Q: Can singles or engaged attend The Art of Marriage?
    A: ABSOLUTELY! In fact, we HIGHLY recommend it. The event will give individuals a clear understanding of what a marriage commitment truly means, and is also a great foundation for engaged couples who are soon to be married.

    Q: I have been divorced. Will I feel uncomfortable at this event?
    A: We understand that divorce is a reality, and we have designed this event with that reality in mind. We have tried to focus on the condition of your current marriage, rather than creating guilt for mistakes made in the past. We also recognize that even in such an environment, one might feel uncomfortable at times because of past memories and regrets that are stirred up. Our prayer is that you would come to this event excited to make you current marriage a strong, healthy, lasting one, even if it means dealing with some painful memories.

    Q: We have a great marriage. Why should we attend the event?
    A: Every marriage relationship is in a constant state of movement: You are either growing closer together or further part. Unfortunately, it seems that the natural inclination of human hearts is to drift apart over time. Every marriage needs a tune-up from time to time, no matter how well it might be running. This event is designed to heighten even the best of marriages. It also serves as a great reminder that you are God’s gift to each other.

    Q: What if I register and for some reason can’t attend? Can I get a refund?
    A: We can only grant you a $20.00 refund per couple or $10.00 refund for Individuals.
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